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Avoid mistakes when sharing Power BI externally

Get fast and safe sharing with Jaysight.

Do you worry about your reporting to external users?

Unable to set the right parameters

Creating mishaps

Shatter agility and relations

Not reaching customers in due time

Damaging customer loyalty

Losing time and earnings

Make reporting with Power BI fast and safe

Automate your reporting

Make more time for what really counts. Jaysight automates workflows between IT and the business. Creating better flow and faster results.

Protect your information

Avoid leaking information. Jaysight supports all safety measures in Power BI and Azure. All without requiring you to invest in new IT infrastructure.

Get safety on your bottom line

Let IT take care of IT, BI take care of building dashboards and the business service your customers. No more unnecessary waiting.

3 steps and take-off

Set up

Jausight on your environment. We help you configure Azure AD so that your IT policies are complied with, always.


Your dashboards in Power BI. Just like always. Your BI department publishes the reports in the Jaysight portal and connects it with the right stakeholders.


Now your business can easily share reports with customers. Without any fuzz. You even get an overview over access permissions, consumption, and interaction.

Share just the essentials



Streamline your workflow and get…


Fewer mistakes *


Higher turnover *

* according to IDC, 2017

Create better synergies in your business, with your customers.

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